Get Inspired to Put a Bar in Your Denver Home


If you’re looking to add a unique feature to your home that could come in handy during social gatherings, then why not add a home bar? The following are a few home bar ideas that could influence your very own home bar design: Sophisticated bar – Flank the bar with a pair of wine fridges and use a stunning marble backsplash that’s encased in timber. … [Read more...]

Planning a Full Meal? How to Time Your Food Prep

kitchen cooking tips

Planning a meal can be a little stressful – especially if you’re cooking for guests. There are a lot of things factoring into food prep, which means that figuring out what time you’re serving dinner can be tricky. Since you don’t want to keep guests waiting, use the following tips to time your food prep more accurately: Schedule backwards … [Read more...]

5 Recipes Using Fall Produce

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Fall is a great time to cook some dishes you’ve never made before – especially since summer may have been too hot to use the stove very often. The following are five fall recipes that will help you to get inspired to use your kitchen more: Baked Stuffed Apples – Scoop out several apples and fill them with brown sugar, ginger, cinnamon and … [Read more...]