Your Washing Machine Needs Regular Cleaning

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We use washing machines all the time in order to clean our clothes. But as often as you use it to clean, how often do you clean the washing machine itself? Although some washing machines have self-cleaning cycles, not all do. The following are a few tips for keeping your washing machine clean: Remove clothes right away. If you let wet clothes … [Read more...]

Your Washing Machine Can Keep Your Pillows Clean

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When it comes to cleaning your bed, odds are you wash your sheets pretty regularly – but how often do you wash your pillows? The following are a few tips for using your washing machine to keep those pillows clean: Wash the pillowcases separately. You probably throw your pillowcases in with your bed sheets when you wash them anyway. Wash the … [Read more...]

Use Your Freezer the Best Way for Bulk Meals

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Not everyone has the time to cook a separate meal every night. But that doesn’t mean that you can’t eat a healthy home cooked meal every night – simply precook your meals and put them in the freezer. The following are a few tips for storing your pre-made meals in your freezer: Any meals that are made in the oven should be stored in either … [Read more...]