Holiday Energy Saving Kitchen Appliance Tips from BAC of Denver

Are you a Denver area homeowner interested in learning how you can save money on appliance usage, especially with the holidays coming up? Thanksgiving is a great holiday to take a few minutes and think about the new energy saving appliances that are now available, and the time and money we now save as a result of the new product development.

An excellent Consumer Energy article mentions, “This year, as you count your blessings, you might give a bac-appliances-bacs-englewood-co-denver-holiday-appliance-tipsthought to the reliable energy sources that enable you to prepare those culinary delights so enjoyed by family and friends. Today’s new kitchen appliances use nearly 50 percent less energy than those built just a decade ago.” Some of the energy saving oven tips are:

  • Oven Preheat: There is no need to preheat your oven for that long cooking ham or turkey
  • Open Door Heat Loss: Use the oven light to check on the cooking status through the oven window. Opening the oven door lowers the temperature inside by as much as 25 degrees
  • Cook Together: Cook multiple items together, allowing sufficient air space for heat circulation
  • Turn off the Heat: With an electric oven and a range top burner, you can turn off the heat before your food is completely cooked and the stored heat will finish the cooking
  • Ceramic Dishes: The use of glass and ceramic containers allows you to drop the temperature by 25 degrees
  • Insulation Value: The extra insulation in a self-cleaning oven enables the use of less energy to heat the oven. The Consumer Energy article recommends, “Consider using the self-cleaning feature immediately after using your oven, to take advantage of the residual heat.”

For many more great energy saving kitchen and appliance tips, refer to the Consumer Energy article.

The 2012 Holiday Season is an excellent time to begin adding more energy saving practices in the kitchen. Are you shopping to buy a new kitchen appliance in the metro Denver area? BAC Appliances of Englewood, CO has the largest selection of premium appliances in Colorado — beautifully presented in our huge showroom. Please call 877-488-5720 for more information or directions. (Image via Stock.xchng)


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