Kitchen Appliances: What People Want

After posting about kitchen appliance trends earlier this month, we came across a trend report from Kitchen & Bath Design News that goes in depth about what homeowners are looking for in kitchen appliances these days. Here are some of the article’s highlights:

  • Homeowners want greater convenience and greater performance
  • They want appliances that are easy to use, and they’re looking for innovations that improve the experience of cooking
  • Energy-efficient appliances, like induction cooktops, are “in”
  • Sensor cooking technology makes cooking less of a guessing game, helping with precise temperatures and recipes being made with consistent results

You can learn more about what’s popular in terms of kitchen appliances lately from the product trend report. And now we at Builder Appliance Center in Colorado are wondering: does your taste align with all or some of these trends? What do you want from your kitchen appliances? Leave a comment to let us know!

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