Shopping to Buy a Refrigerator in Metro Denver? This One at BAC Appliances is Tops!

BAC-appliances-showroom-kitchen-denver-colorado-stainless-steel-bosch-refrigerator-insideAre you shopping to buy a refrigerator? This Bosch model at BAC Appliances in the metro Denver area is tops! If you are at a season of life where you have decided that the next refrigerator you purchase is going to be big enough for everything, and have all of the features you would really like – – come visit BAC Appliances in Edgewood, Colorado and see this Bosch 800 side-by-side refrigerator.

The Bosch 800 is a convenient, safe and easy to use refrigerator. It is Energy Star qualified and very efficient — with a refrigerator capacity of 13 cu. ft., and a freezer capacity of 8 cu. ft. Some of the more popular features are: LED interior light called Cool Glow™, an Easy Lift™ Shelf that moves up and down even when full, and an Easy Lift™ Bin that is adjustable, as well.

The Bosch 800 includes Cool Packs™ which are stored in their own compartment in the freezer door. The refrigerator BAC-appliances-showroom-kitchen-denver-colorado-stainless-steel-bosch-refrigerator-frontserves filtered water, crushed ice and cubed ice from the LED lit exterior ice and water dispenser.

Refrigerator says, “The hide-away water filter maximizes storage capacity. The SuperCool™ and SuperFreeze™ features quickly balance temperatures between cool or frozen items and newly placed goods.” This anti-bacterial and hygienic refrigerator includes a dual evaporator that restricts air flow between the refrigerator and the freezer, reducing unpleasant aromas from moving throughout the refrigerator appliance.

The Bosch refrigerator also has three adjustable temperature settings for fish and meat, dairy and produce. It includes a special carbon filter to reduce odors, and the antibacterial wall linings of the refrigerator provide an hygienic environment. The image above shows just how spacious the Bosch 800 side-by-side refrigerator is.

Are you shopping to buy a refrigerator in the metro Denver area? Visit BAC Appliances to see the Bosch model 800. BAC Appliances of Englewood, CO has the largest selection of premium appliances in Colorado — beautifully presented in our huge showroom. Please call 877-488-5720 for more information or directions. 

Images via House Beautiful and BAC Appliances

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