Steam Ovens: A Popular New Cooking Method

Sure, you’ve heard of gas and electric ovens, but what about steam ovens? Here at Builder Appliance Center, we’re on the cutting edge, and we carry steam ovens that are becoming increasingly popular.

So, why are steam ovens gaining attention? They lower the amount of cooking time and can actually result in cooking healthier food, as explained well by Wise Geek. When cooking with a steam oven, meat doesn’t need extra fat to keep it moist since the steam does that for it, and food that’s steam-cooked tends to keep most of its vitamins.

This Stainless Steel Combi Steam/Convect™ Oven from Viking is one great option we have at BAC. Here are just a couple of its fabulous features:

  • Electronic steam system provides efficient use of water and energy for steam production
  • Steaming gently cooks food while retaining natural vitamins and minerals

Visit our website to find out more about the helpful features of this steam oven. Interested in cooking with a steam oven yourself? Stop by the BAC showroom in Englewood, CO to learn more.

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  1. Thank you for sharing this awesome post reguarding steam ovens and the effect on the quality of food produced by these ovens. I have always been a big fan of steemed cooked foods such as broccoli, clams, lobster and so on but have never considered the amazing health benefits that could come with steam cooking as well. I have read some interesting oven related aticles in the past and have seen how microwave ovens can effect meats by pumping them full of radiation and altering the atoms within the actual food to deplete most of the nutrients. This is very bad indeed but yet its good to know that new technologies such as steam ovens are constantly being developed and improved to not only provide better equipment for oven owners, bakers, and buisness owners but also keep people healthier with quality and safely cooked foods.
    Anyways I just wanted to stop in and show my interest for this subject as well as thank you for sharing this valuable oven info, such a great oven with so many benefits! I will recommend this site to others. Awesome post!

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