Three Beautiful Kitchen Color Palettes from Denver’s BAC Appliances

bac-appliancesAs we all know, color has the ability to drastically affect your mood. From energetic to anxious to cool, calm and collected; there’s a color that corresponds with exactly how you’re feeling.

As we learn more about colors, it’s important to keep color palettes in mind when you’re shopping for appliances in Denver, Colorado.

If the all-white color scheme is boring you to tears, it’s time to step it up and splash some color in your kitchen. Here’s a quick guide to keep in mind when you’re looking for an engaging color palette for your kitchen.

1. Warm colors: Warm colors, like yellow, orange and peach, are seen as welcoming, inviting and stimulating. They’re also believed to stimulate the appetite.

2. Cool colors: Pale blues and greens give off a soothing, restful vibe. Cool colors also flatter food.

3. Neutrals: Neutral colors are adaptable colors that work well with well-lit areas, like the kitchen. Neutral colors, like soft grays and greens, also work well with white cabinetry.

Now, that you’ve got a few color ideas to enhance your kitchen, head over to BAC Appliance Center to shop for a few appliances that will enhance your life!

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