Which is More Eco-Friendly, Gas or Electric Cooking?

How can you make lifestyle changes to live more eco-friendly? Well, there’s recycling,  shopping locally, bicycling to work — just to name a few things. If you’re looking for ways to add an additional element of green living to your lifestyle, the kitchen is a good place to start. Here are a few facts about eco-friendly appliances, particularly gas and electric ranges:

The range is that all important kitchen appliance which does most of your kitchen’s heavy lifting. Given the gas or electric option, the burning question often remains, which range is more eco-friendly?

Gas ranges do two things that help conserve more energy than the electric range: Gas provides instant heat; and you have greater control over temperature. And, TLC.HowStuffWorks.com says that newer models that use an electric ignition rather than a continually-burning pilot light use up to 40 percent less gas, than conventional gas models.

Electric ranges take longer to come on, and take longer to heat up and cool down. Therefore, generally it’s more energy efficient and eco-friendly to use a gas range than an electric range.

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