Why you should use induction cooktops

GE appliances has announced a price rollback on its innovative Profile induction cooktops by as much as $800, with 30” models starting as low as $1,299.

Wondering why induction is a great cooking technology? Here are four reasons:

  1. Safety -The cooking surface stays cool to the touch.
  2. Clean-up -Since the cooking surface stays cool, spills just wipe away.
  3. Energy Saving -Since you are heating only the cooking product, there is no wasted heat or need for additional cooling of an overheated kitchen.
  4. Responsiveness -Fast similar to a gas cooktop.

This innovative technology combines the responsiveness of a gas cooktop with the peace of mind and easy clean-up of a cooler cooking surface. Induction cooking uses different technology than other cooking methods and works by using an electromagnetic field to heat the cookware. Induction cooking heats only the area that comes in contact with the pan and its contents and offers energy efficiency by reducing wasted heat when compared to radiant and gas cooktops. Since there is not a traditional thermal heating element, the induction cooktop stays cooler than conventional radiant cooktops and allows for very fast, even heating with precise control at all temperature ranges.

GE Profileä Induction cooktops and free-standing ranges are eligible for the GE Profileä Rebate. Purchase select eligible GE Profileä kitchen appliances through October 31, 2010 and receive a VisaÒ prepaid card valued up to $1,000.

The BAC showroom offers one of the largest selections of induction cooking products with several models hooked up live and ready for demonstration by our professional sales staff.

Image: geappliances.com

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