Control Your Oven With Your Phone

The new Discovery iQ 48" Dual Fuel Range by Dacor can be controlled right from your smartphone. © Babii

At this point in time, we shouldn't be surprised by the constant technological advancements made in the kitchen industry - yet we always are. Take for example the new Discovery iQ 48" Dual Fuel Range by Dacor. It is the first range in the world to boast an integrated wireless tablet control. Not only does this new dual fuel range provide users with … [Read more...]

How Asko Has Improved the Wash Drum of Laundry Machines

Asko's washing machine will change your laundry experience. ©

As technology advances, so do home appliances. Even appliances that we probably don't put as much thought into, such as laundry machines, improve on a yearly basis due to new technology. Take for example Asko's unique drum construction. Asko's washing machine is unique in that it uses hourglass-shaped lifters along with the angle of the drum edges as … [Read more...]

The History of Pro Appliances in Home Kitchen Design

Check out these design tips for installing professional kitchen appliances in your home. Source: Houzz

One of the biggest kitchen appliance trends in recent years has been the use of professional appliances in the kitchen design. However, the use of professional kitchen appliances first gained traction in the late 80's. One of the reasons for this was that baby boomers wanted bigger and better toys to cook with. These days, professional appliances remain … [Read more...]