The History of Pro Appliances in Home Kitchen Design

Check out these design tips for installing professional kitchen appliances in your home. Source: Houzz

One of the biggest kitchen appliance trends in recent years has been the use of professional appliances in the kitchen design. However, the use of professional kitchen appliances first gained traction in the late 80's. One of the reasons for this was that baby boomers wanted bigger and better toys to cook with. These days, professional appliances remain … [Read more...]

Good Reasons to Add a Trash Compactor to Your Home

In the same space you have your trash can under the sink now, you can add agarbage compactor to your kitchen. ©

One of the features that we highly recommend implementing when designing your kitchen in Denver is the garbage compactor. It doesn’t seem like a must-have feature until you realize all of the benefits that it provides. The following are some reasons you should use a garbage compactor: Efficiency - Using a garbage compactor, you can compact roughly two … [Read more...]

Choose the Fridge Style That is Perfect for Your Needs

The refrigerator is the centerpiece of the kitchen. Make sure you pick the right one to fit your needs. ©

When searching for a new refrigerator, there are so many options it can quickly get overwhelming.  Narrow the field by choosing the right sort of fridge for what your family needs. The following is a breakdown of the different types of refrigerators to help you figure out which will best suit your needs: Refrigerator with freezer capacity - Although it … [Read more...]