More Appliance-Cleaning Tips


We already shared some appliance maintenance tips for spring cleaning, but we came across a few more appliance cleaning tips that’ll help make your kitchen and laundry rooms even fresher. On HGTV’s Design Happens blog, Anna offers a long spring cleaning checklist, and we spotted some suggestions specifically related to appliances. After putting in … [Read more...]

Quick Tips for Maintaining Appliances


Spring is officially here, and, like we said last week, this is a great time to enjoy cooking outdoors. But the new season also represents a time for cleaning---spring cleaning, to be exact. While going through your other spring cleaning chores, check out this list of "10 Appliance Maintenance Tasks You Can Do in Under 10 Minutes" from the Atlanta Home … [Read more...]

Tips for Making Laundry Appliances Last Longer


Cleaning your washer and dryer is very important, not only in terms of the cleanliness of your clothes, but also when it comes to maintaining the appliances themselves. We shared cleaning tips earlier this month, but there are also other things you can do to extend the life of your laundry appliances. If you want to make your washer and dryer last longer, … [Read more...]