Tips to Organize & Stretch Your Kitchen Storage Space from BACs of Denver

Are you searching for some great tips on organizing and stretching your kitchen storage space? A recent Better Homes & Gardens article entitled, “Best Ways to Store More in Your Kitchen” suggests the following tips:

bac-appliances-englewood-colorado-kitchen organization-1Tip # 1. Increase your pantry storage with freestanding furniture, such as a vintage armoire to hold and display some of your favorite dishes.

 bac-appliances-englewood-colorado-kitchen organization-2Tip #2. Centralize your morning coffee and oatmeal routine with a Breakfast Station.

bac-appliances-englewood-colorado-kitchen organization-3 Tip # 3. Add cubby hole organization shelves. The BHG article says, “Give order to a collection of small appliances with a system of cubbies. Tuck in the necessary attachments and manuals that accompany each appliance so everything is on hand.”

Tip# 4. Add some built-in shelving for attractive dishes and small infrequently used (and vintage?) appliances.

Tip #5. Organize your refrigerator. Yes, that’s what BHG suggested, organize your refrigerator. Too painful? We agree. You may consider buying a larger refrigerator, instead. BAC Appliances of Englewood, Colorado can help you with that!

If you have an interest in seeing new kitchen appliance models, including large refrigerators, visit the live working kitchen showrooms at Denver’s BAC Appliances.

For a comprehensive virtual tour of our Denver BACs Showroom, check out this BACS Showroom video link. Please call the Englewood, Colorado BAC Appliance Center at 303.789.9945 for more information.

Images via Better Homes & Gardens

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